Wednesday, December 29, 2021


 The 9/12 Vineyard Church Confirmations

 Previously, I was getting a number of signs to watch for the Japan tsunami to wreck the US west coast and those signs were pointing to a date, 9/12/22 and or 9/13/22. There are some nifty synchronizing signs with this date shown below...

 release date of book, 5/11/21 to 9/12/22 is exactly 70 weeks

Because I was getting these and other synchronizing signs pointing to 9/12/22, I decided I would go to the Vineyard church in town, since it was Sunday, 9/12/21, to see if God would confirm this date to me for the tsunami or close to that time to watch for the tsunami.

Well, low and behold, the Pastor who doesn’t know me from Adam, began teaching his sermon on “The Great Shakings.” I about fell out of my chair….lol… He must have said that phrase a 100 times during that sermon!

A few minutes into the sermon, I began to record it on my phone. I just so happened to start the recording at 11:11 am! LOL. Here it is in this snap pic of the info on it.

 I didn’t record the who thing, but stopped recording it and I fumbled my phone a bit trying to stop the recording. The video came to 22 minutes and 38 seconds long. It’s reciprocal to 22:23. Why is that 22.23 number significant you might ask? Because the #2 confirmation, the 5.22 sign I had just dealt with and discovered, added up to 5.2223, to exactly midnight, October 5th, 2022, the date given in the Yom Kippur dream.  

 If you understand the #2 confirmation, this is just a mind blowing number sign with that. Not only that, but if I had not fumbled with my phone to stop recording that sermon when I truly wanted, the video would have been 22:37 seconds long, making it reciprocal to 22.22 decimal. Converting time to a decimal was fresh in my mind from when I had to do it for the 5.22 #2 confirmation I had just discovered at the time, so it made sense, that God would lead me into that same kind of synchronicity. So now, here we have these sign experiences all aligning in this #14 confirmation.

All of this happened on 9/12, the very one year anniversary day I was seeking God about for confirmation of the time of the tsunami coming.

I went to the Vineyard church that 9/12/21 morning with the sole purpose of hearing God about the previous 9/12/22 confirming number signs I was getting and boy did I get it! The Sermon, “The Great Shakings” was quite the stunner for me and these incredible number signs confirmation experience to back it, has me stirred up. People! God is a surgeon of the most accurate precision!

This meeting at the Vineyard church has well confirmed, why God was showing me September 12th, which will either be the day the tsunami hits or close to it.

Expect the 1st “great shakings” to hit Japan, with Hawaii, the US West coast and Baja to get tsunami damaged from it. We have no lack of signage for September 2022, to be on high alert.

Hold tight and embrace! The Great Shakings are beginning September 2022!